Following Part 1 of the artwork, “The Medium is the Message”, I wanted to exhibit the Tweets and the content of those Tweets in an exhibition in a gallery space. The gallery that I chose is Newport Street Gallery, the London gallery of Damien Hirst. By using images of this gallery and inserting my images […]


The painting, “Boateng’s Wall” is quite something; a beautifully painted street corner in Mayfair. However, it is the un-nerving sight of strong black and white spray-paint on the same Mayfair street that takes this painting into a different realm. Spray-paint drips down this pristine wall, right under the well-known Saville Row street sign. Harman uses […]


HARMAN’S WALLS HARMAN’S WALLS is a new body of work by the painter Norrie Harman; paintings of the many different walls that create our cities. Walls, seemingly inconsequential and unnoticed, hold up our everyday lives, containing and separating us with concrete boundaries. Harman casts his laser-like gaze on the walls around our cities and through painting […]

Norrie Harman’s Abstract Realism

I am no art expert but I live with an amazing painter. Every day, I  witness the creation of paintings that mesmerise and confuse me. I am not the only one. Norrie has collectors from all over the world, who adore his work. So, being inquisitive, I have examined them very closely and stood from afar. […]